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Kohenet Shoshana A Brown, LMSW

I am a dance partner at the many crossroads in life's meandering ways. 

I am the fire. The dancing flames that bring warmth and light to opaque spaces. 

I am the waves persistently reaching for the shores of justice, bringing with me shells, stones, and debris of the deep. 

I am the feather gently falling at the feet, a reminder of spirit carrying the message of gentleness. 


I give gratitude and reverence to my ancestors who crossed the Atlantic... those of circumstance from Eastern Europe, and those by force through the shores of Senegal. I honor my ancestors who picked strawberries and my grandmother Louise who refused and danced her way north to land me here on this colonized Lenape land. To my grandfather Rudy who envisioned freedom by fighting to protect wildlife, worker's rights, and feeding the hungry. To my dad who is always with me and reminds me to enjoy life and stand for justice.

Learning Lineage

Learning Lineage

I give thanks to Shekhina (G-ddess), all my ancestors and spirit guides for giving me intuitive healing practices and guiding my path. 

For my knowledge of Sabar (African) dance and Ndepp (indigenous Senegalese spirituality) I am forever grateful to Baba Wali Rahman and Mama Andara Koumba Rahman (z"l) as well as to my family in Rufisque- Ma'am Ouilimata Diop, daughter and matriarch after Ma'am Fatou Seck (may their memories be a blessing). 


I am grateful to Esperanza Martell and all of Urban Atabex for my training in earth-based spirituality and Emotional Release Work as well as popular education facilitation.


For grounding my vision for Jews of Color and passion towards ending white supremacy in the Jewish community, I have learned and built this vision with Yavilah McCoy, Shahanna McKinney-Baldon, Leo Ferguson, Yehudah Webster, Graie Hagans, Koach Baruch Frazier, Autumn Leonard, Jessica Valoris, and Reuben Telushkin. 


My pride in my skills and analysis as a Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW) is owed to my Master's degree from CUNY Hunter-Silberman School of Social Work and my BSW from Temple University. 


As a Kohenet, my deep learning of Jewish earth-based ancestral practices find it's nutrients in the transmissions and teachings, for which I am grateful to, Ye'ilah Hammer, Taya Shere, and Batshemesh Jedwab of the Kohenet: Hebrew Priestess Institute

Political Identity

I am a Black, mixed race, Jewish, gender-expansive femme. 

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