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Illuminator of Crossroads

Healer ~ Educator ~ Organizer


Facilitating communities through undoing oppression and teaching them to use restorative practices to create the world they are dreaming of is one of my most practiced skills. As a popular educator I use Paulo Freire's marxist ideologies, social work skills, and restorative practices to offer trainings in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Restorative Justice in Action, Social Work skills, antiracism, and more.

"Another world is possible!"

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What is life if not transition? Life-cycle transitions are traditionally honored and why not honor other non-traditional transitions with ceremony also? I look forward to walking with you in honoring of your transitional moments including fertility, baby-naming, weddings, break-ups, milestone birthdays, loss of pets, abortion/miscarriage, retirement, and death.

All transitions deserve to be honored.

Teaching and Organizing

Follow Shoshana and Rafael Shimunov in their organizing and teaching work on Beyond the Pale.

Beyond the pale is a weekly radio show on New York public radio station, WBAI 99.5FM and where we explore the identity, culture, and politics of the Jewish Left. 

"Go Beyond the Pale"



"Shoshana made us feel seen and supported throughout the process, with their joyful, supportive presence, their sensitivity, and their openness."

-EL & CR


I will meet you at your Crossroad.

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