Illuminator of Crossroads

Healer ~ Educator ~ Organizer


What is life if not transition? Life-cycle transitions are traditionally honored and why not honor other non-traditional transitions with ceremony also? I look forward to walking with you and honoring of your transitional moments including fertility, baby-naming, weddings, break-ups, milestone birthdays, loss of pets, abortion/miscarriage, retirement, and death.

All transitions deserve to be honored.


Facilitating communities through undoing oppression and creating the world they are dreaming of is one of my most practiced skills. As a popular educator I use Paulo Freire's marxist ideologies and social work skills to offer trainings in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, dismantling privilege, Restorative Justice in Action, Social Work Engagement and Termination, and more.

"Another world is possible!"



As a couple that is of color, queer, and gender-expansive; we felt completely comfortable and seen by Shoshana, which unfortunately is not something that we can say of any of the other professionals involved with our wedding. Shoshana’s background as a social worker likely lends to their ability to understand people and speak with them in a curious and affirming way.

— K T


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